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Coppini Kids Class

Event Description

Fine Art After-School Classes

12 weeks

AGES: 6 & UP
TIME: 4-5:30PM

$500 + $50 Supply Fee

Includes an Artists Reception and Exhibition at end of Semester (Sunday Apr 14; 2 - 4 pm)


Make up day- April 10

Thank you for Supporting the Coppini Academy of Fine Art Children's Program!

STARTS WEDNESDAY, Jan 24th, 2024


Yolanda Gomez has been teaching a variety of mediums for over 20 years to students of all ages.  Most recently she has served as an art teacher at Fusion 3 Studio, a private art studio and gallery.  At the studio she taught acrylic, watercolor, oil, and porcelain painting to both children and adults.  She studied child development in San Antonio and has been involved in painting courses around the world.  She has five children--two of her youngest being seniors at St. Mary's Hall.


Coppini Kids (360 pixels)  Coppini Kids (360 pixels)