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About The Coppini

Coppini Academy - Biography


501c3 Non Profit, est.1945

115 Melrose Pl., San Antonio TX, 78212

Coppini Academy of Fine Arts is the birthplace of the "Spirit of Sacrifice" Monument to the Alamo heroes. Coppini built this studio in 1936 when he received the commission for monument honoring the fallen heroes of the Battle of the Alamo




The "Spirit of Sacrifice" Monument


The Coppini Academy of Fine Arts was chartered in the State of Texas on February 21, 1952 as a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of classical, representational fine art.  Pompeo Coppini gifted his studio to the artists of San Antonio as a place to meet, paint, draw, and discuss representational art, which is continued to this day.


Founder, Pompeo Coppini


Administration is conducted according to the Charter and Bylaws. The Bylaws provide standards that govern each elected office and appointed committee Chairpersons. The President conducts the administration with the assistance and cooperation of the elected officers and appointed committee Chairpersons.

The Coppini Academy of Fine Art works to further the legacy of Dr. Pompeo Coppini and his protégé, Dr. Waldine Tauch. Representing their legacy, the members of the Coppini Academy of Fine Art work to further classical, representational fine art by providing opportunities to view art exhibitions, participate in art instruction, and interact with artists and other art related professionals from around the world.
Dominant in the role of art education and public responsibility, the regular quarterly socials, demonstrations and workshops are open to all members and the general public. The weekly instruction classes are also open to all members and the general public upon successful enrollment with the instructor of the chosen class.

The Coppini Academy of Fine Art hosts a number of member’s only exhibition events as approved by the Executive Board. 


Waldine Tauch


Waldine Amanda Tauch (1892-1986)

A sculptor whose preferred media was bronze, Waldine Tauch was born in 1892 in Schulenburg, Texas, moving to Brady, Texas as a teenager. She evidenced talent at an early age, drawing from photographs. As a seven year old, she began to sculpt, using clay, then carving chalk, soap, wood and stone. As a teen, The Brady Tuesday Study Club asked her to sculpt a luncheon centerpiece of butter. This group then supported her talent by raising money for Tauch to study in San Antonio with Pompeo Coppini, which she began in 1910, two weeks before high school graduation. 

Coppini Academy - Biography




President:  Tom Ellis

1st Vice-President: Vic De La Fuente (Security; Grounds)

2nd Vice- President  Kim Clark

Secretary/Parliamentarian:  Jeanie McCraw

Director, Finance/Treasurer: Treasurer or Terri Rubiola

Director, Trust Management:  Carolyn Minshew

Director, Children's Programs:  Karen McCauley

Director, Marketing/Communications/Mebership/Exhibitions Overseer:  Marcy Rossi

Director, Workshops: Sandra Esparza

Director, Studio Operations: Chris Calk

Director, Development: Phyllis Scrivano


Member-at-Large:   Glen Clark

Member-at-Large: Joseph Bravo (Exhibitions Chair) 


2023 Chair Positions

Legal Consultant:  Michael Repka, Attorney at Law

Model Coordinator:  Carl Rachuig

Newsletter: Marcy Rossi