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Drawing Class (1440 pixels)


Membership is required for adult classes.
We offer oil painting, acylic painting, life drawing, pastel, and fundamentals.
Classes are weekly courses.


Mondays with Karen McCauley

Intermediate/Advanced Painting

All mediums, working from photos or still life set ups
MONDAYS   9:00-12:00,  1:00 - 4:00

Next class begins Jan 15,  through July 29, 2024.

Fall class scheduled to begin Sept 9 - Nov 25, 2024.

Karen focuses on teaching the student at their level focusing on composition and design in oil and acrylic, using the students photo reference or a still life setup.

Contact instructor to inquire about registering for class:

Ph:  830-570-0131


Karen is an artist and teacher who began her education in art by studying traditional oil techniques from nationally known artists.  She learned application of glazing in the style of the old masters, also alla prima techniques.  Realizing the importance of a strong foundation in fundamentals, Karen studied drawing, design, color theory and perspective drawing.  Anxious to expand her knowledgein Fine Arts, she quickly discovered mediums of watercolor, pastel, printmaking, and acrylics.  Karen teaches classes and workshops, encouraging her students, giving them the tools for theor own self expression and creative growth.


Marion_2023 (360 pixels)                

Wednesdays with Marion Field Koch

Intermediate Level Painting and Drawing
 Marion Field Koch, BFA

 12 Weeks; Wednesdays August 28 - November 20   9:00 am - 12:30 pm  

  9 am -12:30 pm

 Cost:  $340 per semester

-Focus on completing a submission for the Fall Coppini Members Exhibit
-Expanding individual portfolios 
-Mastering design and composition for greatest visual impact 
Contact Marion to register: or text (210) 326-0346





Marion Class 3 (180 pixels)     Marion Class 2 (180 pixels)    Marion2 (180 pixels)

Thursdays with Roberta Buckles

Thursday's August 28th - Novemebr 21st

Beginning painting in Oils & Acrylics for New and Newer painters
Thursday mornings 9:30am -1:00 pm, 12 weeks from August 28th- Novemebr 21st
Cost:  $340 for the semester

Intermediate Painting in Oils and Acrylics
Thursday afternoons 11:00am - 2:30 pm, 12 weeks from August 28th- Novemebr 21st
Cost:  $340 for the semester

Teacher: Roberta Buckles, MFA
Roberta focuses on all of the fundamentals essential for painting and much more. This includes brushwork, composition and drawing issues, all aspect of color and color theory, value decisions, materials, developing your voice in painting, etc. 

Please call or text Roberta to register at 210-557-5383


*Annual Membership fee: $60 paid online if not a current member for 2024

Roberta Buckles is a professional artist and faculty member in the San Antonio College Visual Arts Department (since 2008.)  She has won numerous awards locally and nationally, teaches various regional workshops in Color Theory, Creativity and Design Principles, and her paintings are collected nationally. 

 RB1 (180 pixels)  RB2 (180 pixels)   RB3 (180 pixels)

Roberta Buckles is an accomplished painter, known for her impactful oil and mixed media paintings that focus attention to the illusive space between the hyper real and the abstract.

  • Learn the essentials of materials, brushwork, composition, color theory, drawing, themes, etc.
  • You will be guided through successive projects and paintings that will offer you tremendous advancement by the end of the semester.
  • You will work at your own pace and expectations while being personally guided with individual instruction all along the way.



Friday Evenings with ANDREI RENTERIA


Figure Drawing (360 pixels)Friday Evenings 6:00pm - 8:30pm, 12 weeks from March 22 - June 7th 

Cost:  $440 for members

This course offers an exploration into the fundamentals of drawing the human figure in a procedural approach. Students will explore how to draw the gesture clearly and learn to contain the forms that make up the human body into basic volumes (i.e. spheres, boxes, ellipses and cylinders). 

Towards the end of the course, students will concentrate on specific landmarks of anatomy and useful facts about the human body, in order to develop a strong systematic approach that frees them creatively, while adding complexity and new level of believability to their drawings. 

Students will work from live models and use simple drawing materials. Experience in drawing is recommended.



Contact Andrei Renteria to pay for class, Text: (210)992-4328 or email: 

For more about the artist visit: hitps://